Cappadocia Cave Room

Before examining the cave hotels in Cappadocia, we will take a look at how the caves were used in ancient centuries. The first human settlement in Cappadocia dates back to the Paleolithic period. We can say that caves were used as settlements of the first humans millions of years ago. It should also be noted […]

About Cappadocia

It is at the top of every tourist’s favorite list in Turkey. Starred tourist destinations, Cappadocia villages carved into the hillsides; Byzantine-era rock churches with dazzling frescoes; and labyrinthine underground cities where the first Christians once hid from invaders. Overflowing with things to do for nature lovers and history buffs, the valleys of Cappadocia are […]

What to Eat in Cappadocia?

Testi Kebap is one of the best local menus you can eat in Cappadocia. Along with the meal, we recommend wines made from the grapes of the region. Pottery kebab (testi kebab) is the most famous dish of the Cappadocia region. Traditional pottery kebab is made using Avanos pottery. Avanos, the “pottery village” of Cappadocia, […]