Before examining the cave hotels in Cappadocia, we will take a look at how the caves were used in ancient centuries. The first human settlement in Cappadocia dates back to the Paleolithic period. We can say that caves were used as settlements of the first humans millions of years ago. It should also be noted that the rocks, deep valleys and caves here served as a shelter for Christians fleeing the Roman Empire. It is known that Christians lived together with the first people in the houses and churches carved into the rocks in the Cappadocia region. From here, we can understand that the caves, which now serve as hotels, have witnessed the first experiences in history. Moreover, almost every region of Cappadocia hosts fairy chimneys. At the same time, in many written sources, it is stated that the people who settled there after the emergence of fairy chimneys carved houses and churches, leaving effects that still carry the traces of many civilizations today.