Testi Kebap is one of the best local menus you can eat in Cappadocia. Along with the meal, we recommend wines made from the grapes of the region.

Pottery kebab (testi kebab) is the most famous dish of the Cappadocia region. Traditional pottery kebab is made using Avanos pottery. Avanos, the “pottery village” of Cappadocia, is located on the banks of the Red River. It is prepared using veal or lamb meat and tomatoes, red peppers and onions.

After the ingredients are placed in the pot, the mouth is covered with a potato and placed in the tandoor for cooking. As the potato hardens, a hole appears in the middle, creating a pressure cooker atmosphere inside the pot. The high temperature and pressure that develops inside the pot is the secret behind its unique flavor.

Traditionally, it needs to be cooked and simmered for about three hours, although most restaurants will prepare your pottery kebab order in 20-30 minutes to avoid customers waiting.